Lincoln MKT, All You Need to Know About this Full-Size Luxury SUV

Lincoln MKT is coming with its new version. The latest version offers several improvements to give a different driving experience. You may be curious about the Lincoln MKT.

What kind of changes do manufacturers make to improve this car? Is it true that this latest Lincoln vehicle has become the last version? Will Ford replace this MKT with another car?

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about New Lincoln MKT and whether you should buy this car or not. 

Lincoln MKT Overview

Lincoln MKT is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. Ford Motor Company chooses Lincoln to sell this car.

Lincoln MKT was produced for the first time in 2010. This vehicle improves significantly until the latest version, which is the 2019 Lincoln MKT. It is claimed as the last version of the MKT.

Ford has a plan to design the second-generation known as Lincoln Aviator. The most well-known characteristic of this vehicle is the use of a D3 or D4 chassis.

Because of that, this car is considered the longest-wheelbase D4 vehicle and the third-longest wheelbase Lincoln. 

Lincoln MKT Design

It seems that Ford doesn’t want to change the design. You will still see a large and luxurious crossover wagon. It has three rows of seats. You can choose one of the two trims, which are base and reserve. The difference is in the capacity.

New Lincoln MKT has less passenger capacity than the previous generation. It is a car for seven passengers, along with the captain’s chairs in the second row. Nowadays, Ford designs this vehicle for six passengers only. Ford makes the second-row captain’s chairs optional. 

The Base trim version consists of alloy wheels, automatic high beams, a sunroof, automatic wipers, keyless ignition and entry, and many more. Like other new cars, this car also uses a remote engine start, rear parking sensors, and a rearview camera.

The Reserve trim version is similar except for the 20 inches wheels, automatic parking system, cruise control, and forward-collision warning.         

Lincoln MKT Used Price

Lincoln MKT Interior

As a luxury car, New Lincoln MKT applies high-quality upholstery. It boosts its comfort while driving the car. The use of a black dashboard and dates makes this car look elegant.

The interior is supported by automatic climate control and adjustable seats. The manufacturer also seems to focus on technology on the interior. While driving this car, you can use a great system, including a sophisticated infotainment system, a screen with touchscreen technology, Bluetooth, USB ports, and satellite radio.

This car is suitable for drivers who often use a mobile phone. It has a system compatible with Android and iOS devices. Indeed, you will feel the luxury atmosphere by the time you enter the car. 

Engine Specs

This Lincoln Full-Size Luxury SUV using a V6 turbocharged with 3.5 liters of capacity. This engine produces up to 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

You are about to use a vehicle along with a six-speed automatic transmission. It maximizes the power transmission to the four wheels. Indeed, the engine is powerful enough to support the performance. 


Ford concerns the technology of this car. By the time you enter the vehicle, you will see a large touch screen along with the Sync 3 infotainment system. The interface is easy to use.

You can still use your beloved Android and iOS devices while driving the car. This vehicle has an Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto features to support drivers who have to use mobile devices. 

New Lincoln MKT Interior

Trunk Capacity

You will only have 17.9 cubic feet of cargo inside the car. The cargo is behind the third-row seats. You can have more cargo space by folding the second and third-row seats down. At least, you will have 75.9 cubic feet of storage. It is practical enough if you have to bring a lot of items and drive the car alone.

Lincoln MKT Price 

Lincoln MKT is no longer available, but you can still get this 7-passenger SUV for around $49.500 up to $52.500. The price seems reasonable enough due to the features, technology, exterior, interior, and performance.

As the last generation of Lincoln MKT, The Lincoln MKT seems not the best one. It appears that Ford focuses on the Lincoln Aviator as the second generation of the Lincoln series.   

Lincoln MKT Pros and Cons

Despite the use of standard features, the new Lincoln MKT is still comfortable enough to drive.

Ford understands well which one of the features they have to keep and remove without decreasing the car’s performance, comfort, and quality. This latest Lincoln MKT even uses some parts that have been done by the first generation that was introduced in 2010.

Another great thing is the use of the turbocharged V6 engine. This engine is powerful enough to support the car to pass through all types of terrains. The drawback is one of the small cargo sizes.

It seems too small for drivers who have to bring a lot of essential items. The good thing is that you can fold the second and third-row seats down to get more space to bring all the items you need.

The lack of safety features is another drawback of this MKT. It doesn’t mean that the manufacturer ignores safety, but drivers can choose the features they install. The manufacturer offers safety features as an optional.


If you need a luxury car for you and your beloved family, this new Lincoln MKT can be an option. It is still comfortable enough for six passengers. You may not get a large cargo if you bring a lot of passengers.

The good thing is that you will have extra cargo if you drive it alone. The standard features and parts seem okay since Ford understands the best features and parts they have to keep.

The price is reasonable enough if you see the specifications and performance. The technology is also one of the reasons why you should consider the New Lincoln MKT. It may be your luck to have the last version of Lincoln MKT before Ford changed it into Lincoln Aviator.

Indeed, you may consider the Lincoln MKT to support your daily activities, especially if you often have to move from one area to another area.     

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