2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser Coming Back, Release Date & Price

2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser is rumored to come true. There have been a lot of rumors related to the comeback of this vehicle to challenge the Jeep Wrangler. This rumor is becoming more prominent as the automaker is currently studying some ideas regarding the debut of this new FJ Cruiser.

It’s been quite sometime after the automaker was reported to build a small 4×4 SUV along with the well-known FJ Cruiser SUV. It is said that Toyota will build it on a smaller base to attract hard-core off-road enthusiasts. And after all this time, there hasn’t been further information revealed.

During the Detroit Auto Show in 2018, this report was made by the CEO of Toyota Motor North America, Jim Lentz. And at that time Lentz didn’t mention the timeframe, so the debut of the new car could be anytime in the future. Here’s what we’ve got so far about the new FJ Cruiser.

2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser Rumors and Updates

Toyota might have showcased several concepts of rugged SUV, like the FT-AC at the Los Angeles auto show and the FT-4X at the New York auto show. But, many assume that those concepts are for the upcoming RAV4. Then, how about the concept of the new Toyota FJ-Cruiser?

The upcoming FJ-Cruiser is expected to become an excellent friend for those going off-road. For this reason, it wouldn’t come with an all-wheel-drive system for safety. Instead, it would have a four-wheel-drive system with ground clearance. Then, the wheelbase should be smaller so that it can be more maneuverable.

The next 2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser should be on the market of frame-based SUVs. Once there is room for a new lineup here, there is a chance that the new FJ Cruiser will come up to the market. But, let’s be clear that the automaker hasn’t decided yet.

Then, how should the new FJ Cruiser look like? Many believe that the upcoming FJ Cruiser will have that unique appearance. It may come with exceptional spherical front lights, two-color shade therapy, and rectangle grille. Inside, it should offer spacious room for cargo and contemporary interior style.

Under the Hood

Under the hood, a rumor indicated that the new FJ Cruiser will come with a 4L V6 engine. This unit would be able to provide 260 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. This unit would be paired with a five-speed intelligent transmission and four-wheel-drive system for an amazing off-road capability.

2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser Release Date & Price

When it comes to the price, the new FJ Cruiser may cost around $29,000 for the base model. Meanwhile, the well-equipped variant may cost around $38,000. For the release date, we need to wait a little bit more until the automaker reveals the new FJ Cruiser on the market.

All in all, the upcoming FJ Cruiser is supposed to be a great rival of Jeep Wrangler. It might be designed as a compact SUV that offers excellent off-road ability. But, unfortunately, we need to wait for more to learn further about its details. That’s all about the 2020 Toyota FJ-Cruiser.

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