2023 KIA Pickup Truck; Everything We Know So far

The information on the existence and creation of the new Kia Pickup Truck has officially been confirmed. According to the Korean manufacturer’s spokesman, the company has already started working on such a vehicle.

The Australian department has currently been entrusted with this developed project. I will only venture into the critical design characteristics since the base design is still unidentified.

I encourage you to carefully review the various paragraphs to learn about the new Kia pickups. Some of the information contained here is basically from future predictions plus rumors. I am very determined and confident that most of the predictions will occur.

Kia Pickup Truck Design

Kia Pickup Truck Pictures

The first thing that generally comes to mind about the characteristics of the base design of the Kia is the platform. Despite being the biggest carmaker worldwide, the Korean company does not contain a body-on-frame portfolio. For that reason, there are high chances of a unibody platform on the new KIA pickup truck. As this vehicle has a lot of comparisons to the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup, we expect this pickup truck to be almost the same.

The KIA’s pickup tends to be bigger than the sources propose. The pickup will be designed in a representative mid-size measurement that competes with Honda Ridgeline and the body on frame pickups like Colorado and Tacoma. The new pickup truck will be almost identical to the new Telluride, as they commonly share some characteristics. Representation photos portray a similar front end, making the pickup truck look more attractive.

Kia Pickup Truck Interior

A car, in many cases, is mainly counted on its fine quality, layout, and eye-catching aesthetics. This is the more challenging aspect since there is no information on the layout and size. We can also assume the vehicle’s dashboard will use the new Telluride creativeness. In addition, the usual amount plus the readily accessible tech goodies should be at least significant in a viable sector in the new KIA pickup truck.

Kia also seems to be bringing a panoramic sunroof into the New Kia pickup truck, which is now commonplace for a pickup truck to have a sunroof or moonroof.

Kia Pickup Truck Interior pictures

However, we should understand that the unibody layout means only one cab style should be offered. Indeed, we are speaking about the crew cab design that offers relaxed double rows of seats plus a high level of complete closeness.


The new KIA pickup truck has many possibilities of featuring the V6 engine compared to most pickups currently on the market. Probably, it is similar to the 3.8- liter that the Telluride’s hood contains. It eliminates 292 horsepower, plus the automatic transmission comes twice with 8-speed. We have no doubts that this pickup truck will be remarkable in performance and refinement due to the automatic transmission engine.

Some sources propose a turbo-four alternative and a 2.5-liter with a four-cylinder unit. As some sources propose, they might also tend to be less powerful plus be of more minor things set aside for the base type. There is no electrification mentioned at this point.

How About Kia Electric Pickup Truck?

During the event of the KIA CEO investor in 2022, KIA displayed long-term plans for Electric vehicles. They also confirmed the full-size electric-powered SUV, the New EV9, which will exist in 2023. In addition, they also added that by 2026 KIA would discharge about 2 EV pickups. This testimonial shows that KIA is very serious about joining the pickup truck market.

Kia Future EV Vehicle Plan
2022 Kia CEO Investor Day

Since there is ample time to improvise those fresh models, KIA has not published any information about their new pickup trucks.

It will be more exciting to perceive that the Hyundai brand will also introduce an electric pickup truck. However, there is no information about the development of EV engineering in the Hyundai motor group.

The South Korean manufacturer first distinguished that those new pickups plus the mid-sized SUVs electric version vehicles would be locally manufactured in the United States from 2024.

Release Date & Price

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is one of the fastest-selling cars in the United States of America, so I suspiciously think that the KIA pickup truck will soon be introduced. The success and selling of the Hyundai Santa Cruz will tempt KIA to join and compete in the market.

I am sure the KIA pickup truck will arrive on the market approximately two years later. The base model’s price will probably tend to range around $29,000.

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